MD's Message :: Maruti Infracreation Pvt. Ltd.

MD's Message

“Marching ahead constantly with a vision of worldwide recognition, Maruti Infracreation Pvt. Ltd. is highly committed to economic and social development of the country. MIC has grown substantially in past not in terms of wealth but also in terms of association with society.

To earn our credibility, we firmly believe in reciprocating worth for money through our technical expertise.

We incorporate our values in each unit of work delivered With a successful regional presence, we have diversified and extended our business operations all over the India.

Being one of the proud pioneers in this industry, we ensure to complete every project that has been undertaken by us and focus towards accomplishment of projects within time and setting new benchmark of cutting edge technology, timely delivery and prompt maintenance which is recognized nationwide. 

Recognizing as “Masters of Consistency and Quality”, we continuously appreciated and recognized for our high spirited and never say die approach by our clients and society at large, we promise to stand by our commitments irrespective of any situation in our life.

Regarding our people to be our biggest strengths and assets, we attribute them to be the reason behind our success. With excellent and effective HR policies in place, we believe in facilitating a conducive, friendly and progressing environment for our employees.

Moreover, we consider ourselves to be responsible towards the growth and development of society as well as Mother Nature. With best corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in place, we believe in contributing our best in creating a beautiful planet for every human being present.

Aiming to accomplish innumerable milestones in our life, we are continuously focusing on taking Maruti Infracreation Pvt. Ltd.  to newer heights in construction industry.”